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Links to videos I've produced:
All videos are in streaming format.
Note: you'll need
Real Player and a broadband connection to view these.

Science Fiction Fandom My cable access TV show.
A series of shows exploring various activities at conventions in the Boston region.

Indoor Kiteflying Demonstration
The following clip is a short (4:30 min) video that I posted on YouTube
demonstrating flying a kite indoors. It shows single line, dual line, and
quad line kites being flown by members of Kites Over New England.

Indoor Kiteflying Competition
Kites Over New England 2006 regional indoor kiteflying competition.
5 people compete at flying kites indoors with no wind but that generated
by walking backwards in a circle. This is 30 min long.

Re-creating Galileo's original telescopes
A presentation at the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston. Jim & Rhoda Morris discuss
how they painstakenly re-created The Father of Modern Astronomy's telescopes.

A presentation at the American Radio Relay League New England Division Convention
held in Boxboro, Massachusetts 2006.

INTRODUCTION TO SKYWARN for ham radio operators.
Rob Macedo, KD1CY, explains the proper way to relay, via ham radio,
critical, active severe weather information back to the National Weather Service.
His audience are ham radio operators attending the 2006 American Radio Relay League's
New England Division Convention in Boxboro, Massachusetts.

Kite festival held at Hammonasett State Park, in Southern Conn.
See giant kites fill the sky .. I mean really, really, really big kites.
Watch as one man flys three dual line stunt kites at the same time.
Witness a rokkaku kite battle where the object is to cut your opponent
out of the sky.

Kite Festival / Competition held each year in the Boston area. This year,
as the last few, it was held in Mellinium Park in West Roxbury.
Watch stunt kites fly to music (it's called BALLET competition)