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SCIENCE FICTION FANDOM is a series of TV shows showing activities at various Science Fiction Conventions (Cons) that have taken place in the Boston, Massachusetts, USA area. The show was created for, and originally broadcast on Malden Access TV, but is available for broadcast on other cable access stations. The shows below are in Real Player format. A broadband connection is needed to view them.


39. January 2009
The Appeal of the Lawless Elite
Panel discussion at BOSKONE 45. Description from the Program Guide. Panel member Patrick Nielsen Hayden has said,
"Much of the genre works by appealing to our wish that the world's extra-legal violence be under the control of the kind of smart
people we admire. The Second Foundation and the X-Men ... and, for that matter, the Scooby Gang and the Laoudry .. are all,
to some extent, basically the Ku Klux Klan, except that the extrajudicial violence they carry out is (we're assured) merited and just."
Panel members: Karl Schroeder, Paul Park, Alexander Jablokov, Beth Meacham, and Patrick Nielsen Hayden.
Also available as a mp3 audio file

40. February 2009
The costume contest with your "Monster of Ceremonies", Marty Gear. This video is about 1hr 30min long.
(no mp3 for this .. it's a *visual* event folks!)

41. March 2009
Global Warming: Facts and Myths (and All That Jazz)
Description from the Boskone 46 program guide: Last year the sea ice grew, reversing a trend. Global warming is proven,
but how bad can it be, really? And would it be so terrible to someday have no snow for Boskone?
Panel members: Vince Docherty, Mark L. Olson, Chad Orzel & James Morrow
Also available as a mp3 audio file

42. March 2009
Description from the ARISIA 09 Program Guide: "Picasso siad, 'Good artists copy: great ones steal.'
Pushing Daisies wears its influences openly... and yet transcends them and achieves something utterly original."
Panel members: Mimi Noyes, Sonya Taaffe, Eric M. Van, Michael A. Burstein & Nomi S. Burstein.
Also available as a mp3 audio file

43. April 2009
Description from the ARISIA 09 Program Guide: "This is one of the world's hottest SF programs.
Is it the cutting edge, or did it jump the shark with the shocking ending?" .. (of season two)
Panel members: Samantha Dings, Robert Hafner, Toni Lay, & Jennifer Pelland
Also available as a mp3 audio file

NOTE: SHOW # 40 POSTED AS OF MAY 19, 2009 ... the ARISIA 09 Masquerade is now on-line

44. May 2009
Description from the Boskone 46 Program Guide: "What if Frankenstein hadn't been published? If Star Wars came out the day
the Challenger exploded? If Heinlein had been a woman? What other interesting branchpoints can we imagine in the history
of our genres themselves, and what would the alternative SF, fantasy, or horror scenes look like today?"

The panel did stray from the subject somewhat, and often talked about 50's "pulp" SF fiction in both the US and UK markets.

Panel members: Jane Jewell, Don D'Ammassa, Darrell Schweitzer, Fred Lerner, Lawrence Schoen & Farah Mendlesohn
Also available as a mp3 audio file

45. July 2009
15 Years Of BABYLON 5
Description from the ARISIA 2009 Program Guide: "It's been 15 years ... how has B5 changed SF on TV?
B5 pioneered CGI, long-arc storytelling, and a novel-for-TV concept."
Panel members: Hugh Casey, Michael A. Burstein, James Zavaglia and The Marvelous MERV
Also available as a mp3 audio file

46. August 2009
We Want It On DVD!
Description from the ARISIA 2009 Program Guide: "There are so many cool genre shows and movies that aren't available on disk -- yet.
Some of them may NEVER be available on DVD. Why?"
Panel members Tony Finan, James Zavaglia, Peter Maranci & Adam Lipkin
Also available as a mp3 audio file

47. September 2009
Can't Stop The Serenity, Boston, 2009
Every year, around Joss Whedon's birthday, fans of the cancelled TV show
FIREFLY get together and view the feature film SERENITY.
Moneys raised go to Joss's favorite charity
EQUALITY NOW. This is the Boston showing at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA.
There is no mp3 file for this show.


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