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SCIENCE FICTION FANDOM is a series of TV shows showing activities at various Science Fiction Conventions (Cons) that have taken place in the Boston, Massachusetts, USA area. The show was created for, and originally broadcast on Malden Access TV, but is available for broadcast on other cable access stations. The shows below are in Real Player format. A broadband connection is needed to view them.

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48. January 2010
Welcome To The Dollhouse
Discussion panel at ARISIA 2010. Description from the program book: "
Did "Dollhouse" improve in its second season before being canceled? Why has this been such a hard sell for audiences that loved Joss Whedon's earlier show, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer?" Should people be able to give up responsibility for their actions by renting their bodies out?" Panel members: Misty Pendragon, Howard G. Beatman, Mark L. Amidon, Brenna Levitin & Eric "In The Elevator" Zuckerman.
Also available as a mp3 audio file.

49. March 2010
Keynote Speech at Boskone 47 .. Tom Shippey
Description from the pocket program: “Our Special Guest looks back on 50 rewarding years of being a SF fan, and 40 much less rewarding years of being a professor of English, and asks: what created SF? And what made it so different, and so fascinating? It’s no good asking the professors. SF has produced a string of visions, shared and developed by a host of authors, but some of these are now running out of conviction (like NASA). What could give SF a boost? Are we looking at ‘Day Million’ or ‘The Dying Earth’?”
Also available as a mp3 audio file

Added a YouTube version - January 2011

50. April 2010
The Ethics Of First Contact
Description from the Boskone 47 pocket program: "First Contact between humans and aliens is one of the lasting tropes of SF. "Lasers first" or "We come in Peace"? Sometimes the advanced aliens contact us primitive humans, and sometimes space-faring humans are doing the contacting. But once contact has happened, what is the moral dimension? Should an advanced race always hide itself from markedly less advanced races for fear of stunting their natural growth? Can it ever be moral to leave individuals in primitive poverty simply in hopes that their descendants might one day develop their own culture? Is the Prime Directive nothing but heartless selfishness? Can advanced peoples colonize a planet inhabited by primitives and live in peace with them? Is there any right answer here? Are there any useful object lessons from Terran history?" Panel members: Walter H. Hunt (m), Allen M. Steele, Vernor Vinge
Also available as a mp3 audio file

51. May 2010
The Best Science Fiction Of 2009
Description from the ARISIA 2010 program schedule. "What's outstanding in SF this year? Discuss the books and short fiction you're likely to hear about as nominations for Hugos and other awards for 2009 are made. What might you miss without the recommendations from our panelists?" Panel members: Gardner Dozois, James L. Cambias, Alexander Jablokov, Candra Gill
Also available as a mp3 audio file

52. June 2010
Live at the Sci Fi Saturday Night Podcast
From the Brighton / Allston Hellmouth studios outside of Boston, MA the May 22, 2010 episode of Sci Fi Saturday Night with special guest Michael Dougherty, Producer / Director of the upcoming Firefly universe fan film BROWNCOATS REDEMPTION.
Also available as a mp3 audio file

53. July 2010
Fangs For The Memories
Panel discussion at ARISIA 2010. Description from the program guide ...What makes "True Blood" distinctive among movies and TV shows about vampires? Is it just an "alternate lifestyle?" Can't we all just get along? And why are vampires so hot right now? Is this the best of the best, or do they have some toothy competition? Panel members: Karen Purcell DVM, Misty Pendragon, Susan Hanniford Crowley (m), Mark L. Amidon, Aimee Bouchard
Also available as a mp3 audio file

54. August 2010
My Fandom’s Not Dead Yet!
Panel discussion at ARISIA 2010. Description from the program guide … Face it – your show’s canceled and it’s not coming back. There’s not going to be a sequel to that movie. It’s dead, Jim! So how do you keep the fandom alive? Does the release of new merchandise and the re-issued super collector’s edition DVD mean there’s still hope for more? Would you accept comic book, novels, or a “Battlestar Galactica” – style “reimagining” instead? Does it ever become time to just move on? (Heresy!) Panel members: Daniel Miller, Victoria Janssen, Cynthia A. Shettle, Melissa Honig, and James Zavaglia.
Also available as a mp3 audio file

55. September 2010
Bad Science on TV
At BOSKONE 47 panelists Jordin T. Kare, Chad Orzel discuss how TV and the movies do such a bad (and occasionally a somewhat better) job with representing science and what it can and can not do.
Also available as a mp3 audio file

56. January 2011
STEAMPUNK: What it is, What it isn't
Panel discussion at ARISIA 2010. Panel members: Nightwing Whitehead, Barbara Pugliese, Raven Stern, Mario DiGacomo, Stormwolf

As you can see this episode is on YouTube. Currently there is no Real Player version.

56a Things Everyone Loves (But I Don't)
Bonus audio only episode from ARISIA 2011. Description from the pocket program guide:
"Ah, "Star Wars," "E.T.," "Lord of the Rings," "Blade Runner," "Star Trek"—all so beloved, how can anyone not like them? This is a panel for people who haven't hopped on the bandwagon for these or other popular films. Find out why, and discover why you're not alone" (the discussion did not confine itself to films) Panel members: Karl G. Heinemann (m), Daniel M. Kimmel, Jennifer Pelland, Steve E. Popkes, Elayna Jade Smolowitz

56b Nikolai Tesla: The Man and The Myth
Another bonus audio only episode from ARISIA 2011. Description from the pocket program guide:
The genius "mad scientist" inventor and electrical engineer who brought us alternating current, powerful 3-phase electrical motors, dazzling lightning shows with his Tesla coil, and even a particle beam weapon. Come hear about Nikola Tesla, his life, and his inventions. Mario Di Giacomo, Jeff Hecht, John Monahan (m), Percival

57. March 2011 FRINGE
Panel discussion at BOSKONE 48 on the TV show FRINGE. Panel members: Bob Devney, Jim Mann, Laurie Mann, and Dan Kimmel.


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