Richard Amirault
PO Box 469
Malden, MA 02148

Member of the American Kiteflyers Association (AKA) and Kites Over New England (KONE)
Created the NEKITE mailing list for New England Kiteflyers to exchange information and ideas.

Built a Bubble Machine that was designed by Felix Cartigina of Delaware.
It makes zillions of bubbles and millions of smiles (maybe it can make you smile too)
Plans for two versions of Felix's Bubble Machine can be found here.

Longtime member (and current President) of the Waltham Amateur Radio Association.
Member of the Crocker Public Service Group and the American Radio Relay League.
I hold a Technician Class license, and operate an electronic weather station on APRS that
brodcasts 24 hrs a day / 7 days a week. This is sent over the radio but other stations transfer
that information to the internet. My weather station data can be seen here.

Member of the North Shore Amateur Astronomy Club (near Boston)
I own a pair of 20 x 80 binoculars, a 80mm Orion Short Tube, a Celestron 102mm refractor,
and my newest scope is a Meade 12" LightBridge dobsonian.


I own numerous 35mm and 120 film cameras and now digital cameras as well.
I have three stereo (3D) cameras as well as a stereo adaptor for my SLR's.
I have been working with digital camcorders lately as well.
I am a member of Malden Access TV and on the Board of Directors.
I am the director of a weekly live show WrestlingCenter, and also
the producer of my own monthly TV show, Science Fiction Fandom.
I have produced other, single event, TV shows for MATV as well.
Many of these shows are available on the web for viewing as streaming video.
You will need Real Player and a broadband connection to view them.

This is a combination of my kite flying activities and my photography activites.
By using a special camera cradle (and a fairly large kite) I can hoist a camera up on a kite line
and take photos remotely (aimed and triggered by radio remote control)
More information on Kite Aerial Photography (K.A.P.) can be found on the websites of
Charles Benton and the Kite Aerial Photography Resource site (KAPER)